Eddie Booze is a singer/songwriter, & entrepreneur born & raised in Long Beach, CA. He is a working artist, filmmaker, arts educator, & author.


Eddie’s music is heavily inspired by & in the vein of John Fogerty, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, & Joe Cocker. Eddie’s youtube channel has boasted some notoriety recently for his acoustic versions of 90’s & 00’s punk rock favorites from bands such as Bad Religion, The Misfits, NOFX, NUFAN, Lagwagon, & more, All of which were huge influences on Eddie growing up as well. Click HERE to hear Eddie explain how he got into music.

Original Music & Performing

In 2014 Eddie’s original album Somebody’s Darling was nominated for album of the year by the Long Beach Post. His other solo albums B.O.O.Z.E Like The Drink, Volume 1, Kill Your Equal (A Punk Rock Album), A Lovely Long Beach Christmas, & more are all available digitally right here at www.eddiebooze.com/store 

Eddie plays regularly all over Southern California. His list of venues is extensive but include world famous venues such as The House Of Blues, The Whiskey, The Roxy, & so much more. He tours the US & occasionally Europe.


Eddie is a Producer, Composer, & Writer of Film & Television as well. Eddie’s films have released in theaters, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, at Redbox, Walmart, Target, on Lifetime, BET, & more. Also internationally in over 25 countries.


Eddie is currently finishing his anterior novel The Living Plain: Our Fire. Clive Barker & Stephen King are large influences on Eddie’s literary work. As such his work is in this genre.

Click the link titled Literature to download the prologue free!!!

Eddie's businesses include
Booze Productions

A Music, Film, & Television Company. We write & produce content for film & TV as well as the music that is in it. In addition, we produce live events, & also offer engineering & production services for other artists as well.

The Arts & Enrichment Academy
Eddie is the Founder & Executive Director of The Arts & Enrichment Academy. A Non-Profit organization which provides one of a kind arts programming for the community with a focus on Songwriting, Filmmaking, & Theater. The company is still in its growing stages but has run program for & with General Education & Special Needs participants throughout Long Beach Unified School District, Campfire USA, International Center for Education & Sports, & Long Beach Community Action Partnership. The Arts & Enrichment Academy is currently aligning & involved directly with some of the premiere Non-Profit organizations in the country to provide programs to a much larger number of participants year round.

Universal Veterans Organization

Eddie & his father have founded UVO Universal Veterans Organization. A veterans resource alliance that helps veterans obtain ANY resources they need including but not limited to short & long term housing, groceries, veterinarian bills, loans, etc. Too often the resources are just out of reach for one reason or another. Many times it's often overwhelming for a vet who may have ptsd to even obtain a dd214 or their SSA info. We help with all of it. We help that veteran get everything they need to help bring their quality of life to an acceptable level. Our veterans need our help & we're going to do everything we can to make that happen.

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